• Choose a topicCollage.PNG

  • Read a background article

  • Choose a side

  • Read articles (pro and con)

  • Find 3 reasons that support your position

  • Look for information (evidence) to support your position

    • Facts and Statistics

    • Examples and Details

    • Expert Opinions

    • Quotations

  • Summarize or paraphrase the information

  • Save the citation information


**Find database log-in helps here


Utah's Online Library

  • EBSCO Points of View
    • Click on EBSCO > scroll to bottom of page > click on Points of View
    • Can find Overview, Point-Counterpoint articles
    • Contains radio and television transcripts and primary source documents
  • Gale's Opposing Viewpoints in Context
    • Click on Gale Reference Collection > look on right-hand side of page > click on Opposing Viewpoints in Context
    • Contains audio, video, statistics, and images

Google Searching

  • If you use Google, you will have to evaluate the website (author, bias, currency, domain, documentation) and you will have to create the citation yourself
  • Type in a phrase in quotation marks with or site:edu after it for best results
    • Example: "illegal immigration" consequences site:edu
    • Example: "teenage driving" "minimum age" site:gov

Example of Medical Marijuana Rough Draft Outline

Post test