Boy Picking Berries
Name: Norris Lovitt. Been picking for 3 years in berry fields, July 8, 1909. Location: Baltimore, Maryland.

Picking Tobacco
Three boys, one of 13 yrs., two of 14 yrs., picking shade-grown tobacco on Hackett farm. The "first picking" necessitates a sitting posture. Location: Buckland, Connecticut / L.W. Hine. 1917.

Gathering Rye
H.H. Allison and 2 boys 10 and 12 years old gathering rye. Should be in school which opened several days ago. Several girls of school age also out. Owns farm of 112 acres. May go to Shady Nook School later. Location: Nicholas County, Kentucky / Lewis W. Hine. 1916.

Digging Potatoes
14 and 16 years old. Location: Hardin County--West Point [vicinity], Kentucky / Lewis W. Hine. 1916.

Harvesting Tobacco
10 yr. old picker on Gildersleeve Tobacco Farm. Location: Gildersleeve, Connecticut / L.W. Hine.1917.

Stringing Beans
Groups showing a few of the workers stringing beans in the J. S. Farrand Packing Co., Baltimore, Md. Those too small to work are held on laps of workers or stowed away in boxes. Location: Baltimore, Maryland. 1909.

Stripping Tobacco
[B.F. Howell, Route 4, Bowling Green, Ky. and part of his family stripping tobacco. The 8 and 10-year old boys in photo "tie up waste"; his 12-year old boy and 14-year old girl (not in photo but they lose a good deal of schooling for work) are regular strippers. Photo taken during school hours.] Location: [Bowling Green, Kentucky] / [Lewis W. Hine] 1916.

Truck load of tobacco workers
6:00 A.M. at Post Office Square, Truck load of tobacco workers bound for American Sumatra Tobacco Farm. S[outh] Windsor. They return about 7 P.M. Location: Hartford, Connecticut. August 1917.

The tobacco plants are often much taller than the children
Tobacco pickers on Goodrich Farm, "Second picking." The tobacco plants are often much taller than the children, and the air close and humid, especially when they are working on the ground. Location: Cromwell, Connecticut / L.W. Hine. August 6, 1917.

Group gathering on tobacco farm
Group gathering tobacco on farm of Daniel Barrett, Spottsville, Ky., Star Route. He is a renter. Boys all belong to other families and will go to Bluff City School, Div. 3, Henderson Co., when work is over. School opened 2 weeks ago, and the boys expect to be out several weeks more. 10-year old boy, Edward Goldsberry carries and drops the sticks. 11-year old Aubrey Hazeland is piling the tobacco (in front). 13-year old Dolph Hazeland piling (behind Aubrey), and 14-years old Willie Goldsberry is spiking the tobacco. Location: Henderson County--Spottsville, Kentucky / Lewis W. Hine. September 13, 1916.

Stringing tobacco
10 year old leaf boy and three "stringers" 10, 12, and 13 years old. Tobacco shed of American Sumatra Tobacco Co. In these two sheds were 41 girls and boys from 10 to 15 years, and only 24 girls and women of 16 years and up. The leaf-boys get $1.50 a day and some of the stringers of 10 and 12 make $1.20 a day, according to the Supt. Location: S[outh] Windsor, Connecticut / L.W. Hine. August 3, 1917.

Two boys suckering the tobacco
Hayward and Harry Bentley suckering the tobacco. Location: Hebbardsville, Kentucky / Lewis W. Hine. September 13, 1916.

Cotton Picker
Millie, four years old and Nellie five years old. Cotton pickers on a farm near Houston, Millie picks eight pounds a day and Nellie thirty pounds. This is nearly every day. Home conditions bare and bad. Location: Houston [vicinity], Texas. Oct. 1913.

Family Picking Cotton
Family of C.J. Walker, Route 2, Box 78, Geronimo, Oklahoma. 6-year old Jewel and 5-year old Harold picks 20 to 25 pounds of cotton a day. Father said: "I promised em a little wagon if they'd pick steady, and now they have half a bagful in just a little while." The 3-year old is learning to pick. Father is a renter on shares: gives 1/4 of his cotton for rent, and 1/3 of his corn. Has 20 acres in cotton. Location: Comanche County--[Geronimo], Oklahoma / Lewis W. Hine. Oct. 1918.

Boy Cultivating
Herschel Bonham, Route A, Box 118, an 11-year-old boy cultivating peas. He belongs to a cotton club in school. Father says he can pick 200 pounds of cotton a day. Location: Lawton, Oklahoma / Lewis W. Hine. Apr. 1917.