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English Language Arts

Literary Reading
SIRS Discoverer Subject Trees: Arts, Social Issues
SIRS Issues Researcher Topics: any of the topics would work for argumentative papers
Literary Cavalcade--SIRS Discoverer
"Generation Plagiarism?"--SIRS Discoverer
"We Are Teaching High School Students to Write Terribly--AotW
"Borrower Beware--Plagiarism"--UEN
"Freedom Walkers--The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott"--UEN
"Who's That Boy: Boy Actors and Other Strange Things on the Shakespearean Stage"
"Books Through Bars"


Scholastic Math--SIRS Discoverer
"The Number Devil--A Mathematical Adventure"--UEN
"Math Trek: Adventures in the Math Zone"--UEN
"Job Seekers Have a Math Problem"--Newsela
"Remedial math gets a failing grade for many college students"--Newsela
"Math-class Makeover Encourages a More Positive Approach to Learning"--Newsela
"Texas Cuts Algebra II From Its High School Equation"--Newsela
Teenager flies planes, has two degrees, works at NASA--Smithsonian Tween Tribune
Picking a major if it's only money that matters--Smithsonian Tween Tribune


SIRS Discoverer: Science
SIRS Issues Researcher Topics: too many to list--see the A-Z Guide
Science Reading
Earth Day Reading
Physical Science
15 Words Etymologically Inspired By Animals--AotW
China's Massive Pollution Problem--AotW
A Conquered Foe Returns to War-Torn Syria: Polio--AotW
12 Things We Know About How the Brain Works--AotW
The Ecosystem Inside You--AotW
Monsanto Doesn't Want You To Know What You're Eating--AotW
"What Mitosis Has To Do With Families"
"Jake and Alice"
"The Meteor"
"Artificial Selection: How Humans Can Sway Nature"
"Space Probe"--UEN
"Message to Congress--May 25, 1961"--Space--UEN
"There's a New Planet in Sight"--UEN
"Elementary Particles"--UEN
"Water Conservation"--UEN
Tsunamis Killer Waves--UEN
"How Atom Smashers Work"--UEN
"New York Buildings 'Going Green"
NJ Physics Professor Has the 'Right Stuff''"
"Researchers Beginning to Better Understand False Memory Formation"
"Could the Futuristic Traveling Tube Become a Reality"
"A Closer Look at Mars"
"How Water Loss Affects Biodiversity"
"Are the Everglades Forever"

Social Studies

SIRS Discoverer Subject Trees: Cultures, Countries, History and Government, Social Issues
SIRS Issues Researcher Topics: Capital Punishment, Economic Inequality, First Amendment, etc. (many social studies topics)
Historical Reading
"Divided Ukraine"--AotW
"Everything You Need to Know About Japan's Population Crisis"--AotW
"Mandela's Death Leaves South Africa Without Its Moral Center"--AotW
"The First American"
"The Declaration of Independence"
"The Roman Name Game"
"Early Peole in Central American Land Bridge"
"Mapping the West: The Journey of Lewis and Clark"
"The Secret of Viking Ships"
"Egypt, the Kingdom of Kush, and Mesopotamia"
"Irish Immigrants"
"Meet the Dalai Lama"--UEN
"Mummy Mystery"--UEN
"Mystery of the Tattooed Mummy"--UEN
"California and Mesopotamia--Similarities and Differences"
"Ancient Olympic Events"--UEN
"Disposable bottle ban sparks battle in Utah national parks"--UEN
"Utah Water Issues"--UEN
"Salem Witch Trials"--UEN
"Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass"--UEN
"Harriet Tubman: conductor on the Underground Railroad"--UEN
"Traveling to Thailand"
"Petra: A Nomadic Beginning"
"Petra: Controlling Trade Routes"
"Analysis of the Declaration of Independence"
"America's Wars"
"Respecting the Flag"
"Martha Washington Creates the Role of First Lady"
"Thanksgiving: Fact or Fiction"
"Thanksgiving in London"
"The Mayflower"
"Plymouth Colony" with Paired Video "Pilgrims in America"
"Wesley Harris: An Account of Escaping Slavery"


SIRS Discoverer Subject Trees: Countries, Cultures
"Music That's Twice As Fun"--SIRS Discoverer


SIRS Discoverer Subject Trees: Arts
Skills Discoverer: Art, Artists--SIRS Discoverer
Scholastic Art (SIRS Discoverer)
"The Creative Path"
"Vincent Van Gogh: Portrait of an Artist"--UEN
"A Short Walk Through the Pyramids and Through the World of Art"--UEN
"Walt Disney Goes to War"
"The Elements of Jewelry"
"A Mix of Colors and Cultures"


SIRS Discoverer Skills Discoverer: Music, Drama
"How The Web Changed Music Forever"--SIRS Discoverer
"Arabia's Top 40"--SIRS Discoverer
"Christmas Carols"--SIRS Discoverer
"Carving Out a Career"--SIRS Discoverer
"The Life and Songs of Woody Guthrie"--UEN
"Time for Jazz"
"Anthems of America"


SIRS Discoverer Subject Trees: Personal Growth, Technology
SIRS Discoverer Skills Discoverer: Photography
SIRS Issues Researcher Topics: Copyright, Downloading, Mass Media, Media Bias, Workplace Discrimination, etc.
How Stuff Works--SIRS Discoverer
"Why Being a Thinker Means Pocketing Your Smartphone"--AotW
"The Search for a Better Battery"--AotW
On the Frontline of the Fight Against Cybercrime--AotW
"Can You Be a Techie If You Can't Type"
"Digitized Signals are the Future of Black Box"
"Using Cellphones and Computers to Transmit Information"
"Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction"--UEN
"Internet Explorer 9 Falls at Pwn2Own Hacking Contest"--UEN
"Origins of the Internet"
"The Film Editor"
"The Race for Robots"
"A Room-Sized Computer in Your Digital Music Player"
"Zero to Expert in 8 Hours: These Robots Can Learn For Themselves"


SIRS Discoverer Subject Trees: Sports, Health & Human Body, Drugs & Alcohol
SIRS Issues Researcher Topics: Alcohol Use, Alcoholism, Drug Control, Drug Testing, Drunk Driving, Eating Disorders, Medical Marijuana, Tanning Salons, Plastic Surgery, Tobacco Advertising, Tobacco Regulation, Vaccines for Kids, etc.
"Heroin's Lethal Comeback"--Article of the Week
"What Are Trans Fats Anyway, and Why Are They So Bad?"
"Court Needs Alternatives in Handling Mentally Ill"--AotW
"Electronic Cigarettes Growing in Popularity With Teens"
"The Creative Path" (Dance)
"Scientists Find Key to Obesity"--Smithsonian Tween Tribune
"Teens Are Drinking Less, Texting More"--Smithsonian Tween Tribune


SIRS Discoverer Subject Trees: Personal Growth, Kids Corner, Social Issues
SIRS Issues Researcher Topics: Food and Nutrition, Food Safety, Vegetarianism, etc.
"Battle of the Bagel"
"The Evolution of the Grocery Bag"--UEN

Primary Sources Resources

Other Resources:

Reading in the Content Area Professional Books in the Albion Library
USOE--Link to Vermont Writing Project--examples of narrative, expository and argumentative writing in content areas
Achieve the Core--reading passages and writing samples
National Geographic Extreme Explorer magazine--paid subscription; we have some back copies in the library