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  • Identify a specific need (pre-assessment)

  • Clearly state the intended outcome—what will be accomplished? (could include phrases like

    "improve student learning by. . ." or "increase proficiency by. . .")

  • Follow the rules of the grant

  • Make sure it is student-centered

  • Include specific standards and objectives that the grant supports

  • Find some research that supports your request and refer to it in the grant

  • Show innovation in your grant

  • Include collaborations that grant donors like to see:

    • Financial--matching fundsschool grants.jpg

    • Cross-curricular tie-ins

    • Community tie-ins

    • Group projects

  • Compare your grant to the rubric or the specifications listed on the grant application

  • Scrutinize other successful grants for ideas

  • Have a mentor, or talk to someone who has received the/a grant

  • Keep looking for new grant opportunities

  • Don't give up--not every grant will be funded!

Grant Writing Sentence Starters

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How do I find a grant in my subject area? Here are some ideas:

  • Talk to other teachers in your subject area

  • Look for grant ideas in professional magazines

  • Email the district and state person over your subject area and ask if they know anything

  • Join a state or national listserv in your subject area and make inquiries there

"To excel at grant matchmaking, the mission and goals of your grant projects must complement those of the funding organizations. Grant funding is given by organizations that want to make a difference; they are looking for successful projects that support their vision."

“The most important thing to remember is that grants are about people. Grants are not about getting money or items on a wish list. Funders want to make a difference in the lives of people, and they fund your project so you can carry out their objectives.”

--Stephanie Gerding,"Tips and Resources for Finding Grants." Online, Nov/Dec2008, Vol. 32 Issue 6, p16-21

Grant Writing