1. Go to the Albion Middle School Library Online Catalog

2. Icons: keyword -- title -- author -- subject -- series

3. The search window is defaulted to the Keyword Search. This means if you hit "Enter" after you enter a search term, the computer will perform a keyword search.

4. Type search terms in the window, then click on the title, keyword, author, series, or subject icon to perform a search. Try the following searches:

  • For fiction books, search by TITLE:
    • Hunger Games -- I Am Number Four – Matched -- Throne of Fire -- Flush
    • Call number of the book is under the photo of the book

  • For non-fiction books, search by SUBJECT first:
    • Gettysburg – Mythology – Basketball --Saturn -- snakes
    • For more results, then try a KEYWORD search

  • Search by AUTHOR:
    • Dashner, James -- Card, Orson Scott -- Hale, Shannon -- George, Jessica Day -- Mull, Brandon
    • Notice you put an author's name in LAST NAME first.

  • Search by SERIES
    • Ranger's Apprentice -- Twilight -- Maze Runner -- Lunar Chronicles -- Harry Potter

5. Your teacher may ask you to search by Copy Categories to find a book list.
  • Click on the "Copy Categories" tab
  • Click on the category title you are looking for
  • A list of titles will appear

6. Search for books by lexile level
  • Select "lexile" for the "Reading Program"
  • Select a number 100 below your lexile level to 50 above your lexile level
    • (Ex. 1000 lexile, select 900 to 1050) Remember fiction has lower lexile than non-fiction
  • Type a genre type in the subject window such as mystery, fantasy, etc.

7. For web resources, click on Webpath Express in the left-hand navigation bar

If you have trouble using the catalog, the library staff would be glad to help you!