Albion Teacher Tech Information

EBSCO Alerts

Bibliography in Word

I-Pads and Apps


Helps With You Tube

Conversion Tools
Tooble--Instructions for downloading and using Tooble (scroll down to the middle of the page)
Zamzar--file conversion

Quietube--shows YouTube videos with a white screen behind--drag the icon to your bookmark bar
Tubechop--edit YouTube videos easily
Edit YouTube--edit YouTube videos
Keepvid--download and keep YouTube videos

Fun Stuff

Visuwords--graphical dictionary
Flashcard Machine- --make flashcards to review unfamiliar vocabulary
Bingo Maker--make 5 x 5 or 3 x 3 bingo cards
Puzzlemaker--make word searches and other puzzles
Jeopardy Labs--create online Jeopardy games
PowerPoint Game Templates (Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Wheel of Fortune, etc.)
Backdrop--drops a clean screen, so viewers can't see your desktop
Online Stopwatch
Spell With Flickr
Wordle--visual word clouds
Tagxedo--visual word cloud
Cool Text--logo and graphics generator
Search for Documentary Videos
Zoom It (for PCs)--allows you to Zoom In on parts of the page
QR Code Generator
Picture Trail
Book Trailer Resources

Photos and Images

Classroom Clipart
DiscoverySchool Clipart Gallery
Utah's Online Library
UEN Multimedia Resource List
Christmas Clipart
Feels Like Christmas Clipart
Top 10 Sites for Images
Best Online Sources for Images

Audio and Sounds

14 Ways to Use Garageband in the Classroom
Find Sounds
Soundzabound--in Utah's Online Library


Google Calendar

Helps for Common Formative Assessment

Google Forms-- -Video tutorial---Step by step instructions
Survey Monkey--Video tutorials
U-TipsVideo tutorials

Presentation Tools

Chartle (charts)
Dipity (timelines)
Voicethread (photos, narration, and comments)
PreZentit--presentations online without PowerPoint
Video Quiz (YouTube video, questions)
PowerPoint Game Templates (Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Wheel of Fortune, etc.)
Jeopardy Labs--Jeopardy templates
Glogster--online posters with hyper links
Jing--narrated screen recordings
Zoom It--tool to use with PCs to zoom in on pictures, has timer and drawing tool
5 Web-Based Alternatives to PowerPoint
50 Ways To Tell a Story
46 Ways to Make Infographics


100 Best Video Sites for Educators
7 Places to Find and Watch Documentaries Online
52 Great Google Docs Secrets for Students
National Technology Standards for Teachers
Teaching With Technology--tools for creating, editing, and sharing
23 Things Teachers Need to Know About Web 2.0
Examples of Visual Texts--graphic organizers, ideas for adding visuals to your classroom in different ways
Find Sounds--internet searches for sounds, can search by file extension
Free Technology for Teachers--blog with tech ideas
WebTools4U2Use--list of Web 2.0 tools
Digital Resources--audio, video and technical assistance resources
Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools
8 Easy 2.0 Pieces To Piece Together
Google Translator Tools--translates documents and websites into many different languages
130 Tools in 160 Minutes
District Technology Forms and Info
Vocabulary Games
Group Opportunities to Respond
QR Codes
10 Free Text to Speech Tools for Educators
Google Search Education
Best Educational Blogs of 2012
22 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher Must Have
64 Sites for Digital Story-telling Tools and Information
How to Make a Self-Graded Test Using Google Forms
Text Your Students with Celly
Web 2.0 Guru
Cheat Sheets for Everything (Images, Video, 3D, Web, etc.)

Creating Time Lines

World Book Encyclopedia
Timeline JS
Read Write Think Timeline Creator

Texting Students
Remind 101

Sending Big Files

Free Coding Programs

  • Scratch (Web)
  • Tynker (Web)
  • Cargo-bot (iPad only)
  • Hopscotch (iPad only)

SAGE Testing

Sage Online Testing--CSD

Canyons District Assessment

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