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Web Path Express
National Museum of the American Indian

World History

Multi-Cultural Novels

Traveler IQ Challenge
World Quizzes
World Explorers
Expeditions - National Geographic
CIA World Factbook
The Buddha Game
Africa Culture Webquest
World Travel
Geography Scoop It
Ancient Life in Greece


Middle Ages

Learning the Countries of the World

Sheppard Software--Geography Games
Free Rice
Lizard Point
Countries of Europe

Africa Song

United States History

World Explorers
Explorers on the Web
Christopher Columbus
U.S. Presidents
Civil War
Jamestown Websites
On the Trail of Captain John Smith
American Revolution
Interactive Constitution
US History - War of 1812
US History Explorers: pictures & information
Africans in America
Westward Expansion: Primary Sources on Mountain Men
Mulitcultural American West
Pioneers and Frontiersmen
Women of the West
American West
Discovering Lewis & Clark
Mission U.S.--A Revolutionary Way to Learn History
Branches of Power
Historical Scene Investigation
Inventions and Inventors
Primary Sources on the Web
Child Labor Photo Analysis
Online Historical Atlas
Remembering the Gettysburg Address
Bill of Rights Resources

Learning from the Past

Utah Studies Links

Utah Studies Project
County Reports and Utah History
Early Native Americans in Utah
Native Americans in Utah
Utah - maps and primary sources
Utah History to Go
Utah and Western History
Counties in Utah
County Maps of Utah
Utah Association of Counties - Information on Utah Counties
I Love History
Utah History Encyclopedia
Utah Reach
Utah Travel Information
This Must Be Utah! --Utah Cities and Towns
Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel
Utah Conservation Database
Utah American Indian Digital Archive
Utah Young Adult Authors
Natural Disasters in Utah
Utah Geology
Utah Mining

Tanforan Internment Camp
Great Basin Indians e-book

Other Social Studies Websites:

Today in History
Utah Education Network Studen Interactives 7-12
National Geographic: Activities, Lesson Plans & Maps
Worldsite information & maps
Map Quest - driving directions
Constitution Day
Internet History Sources Project
Perseus Collection

Social Studies Quizzes

Citizenship Quiz
Constitution Quiz
20th Century Trivia
Free Rice

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